Kayaking in the San Ramón river near our dock

At Parcela El Robledal you can do a lot of things.

Inside the property:

We have a beautiful trail that leads you into the wetland, where you can sit on our overlook and relax with the impressive landscape. Also there a few benches where you can enjoy nature, looking the birds or insects that are abundant here.

In addition, we have two hammocks, ideals for a relaxing evening below the trees.

There is time for reading, writing, take pictures or just listening the nature.

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Kayak dock and sanctuary overlook

Birdwatching :

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Birds seen from our dock

One of the main things that you can do is self-guided Birdwatching. Due the proximity of the sanctuary, you can see many birds in the property, including some quite difficult to see, like the Des Murs’s Wiretail (Sylviorthorynchus desmursii) or the Andean Tapaculo (Scytalopus magellanicus).

Inside the property there are three different areas, where you can see different kind of birds. The upper part, where the cabins are, is the typical countryside full of country birds. The lower part is a wet grassland, where you can see more specific birds, like some Tapaculos. Then is the wetland, with all the big wetland birds like herons, swans, etc.


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Inner lagoon near El Robledal

It is almost impossible to reach the wetland and not to want to do some kayaking on it. For that, we have Sit-on-top kayaks for rent.

You can go to many places into the sanctuary, where is something for everybody, from the beginner to the most expert. We can advise you where to go, depending on your experience.


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Coastal range seen from El Potrero bridge

But also, there is a lot of things to do in Punucapa. You can go to the village country fair, where you can eat tipical local food and craft beer.

You can hike through the main street and reach the Cruces river and walk the road to El Frutillar, with excellent views of the river and sanctuary. Or you can walk to the other side, to reach el Potrero  bridge, a great spot for birdwatching.

Coast and beaches:

If you have a car, a must to visit is the Oncol park, one of the largest preserved areas in the region. It has more than 2.800 He. with many trails that goes into the deep ancient forest of the coastal range.

From its summit you can see both the sea and the Cordillera de Los Andes range, besides the city of Valdivia and Punucapa (¡with good binoculars you can see our dock!).

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Punucapa and Valdivia from Oncol summit

Also there are some beautiful beaches to know, like Pilolcura or Curiñanco and a rugged coast to drive, until you reach Niebla, with its ancient fortress and museum and the largest fair in the area, where you can eat probably some of the best typical foods from the region.

Beer is very important in the region, being Valdivia the true craft beer capital of Chile, with more than 45 breweries in the area, three of them in Punucapa. It is a must to try our local beer.