4 people cabin: $80.000 CLP per night, breakfast not included
2 people cabin: $50.000 CLP per night, breakfast not included


The minimum stay is two nights.
Check in after 14:00
Check out before 11:00
You can pay with cash or electronic transfer. Credit cards are not allowed.
You need to pay in advance 50% of the total when make a reservation.
The reservation can be canceled up to a week before the reserved date and the amount paid in advance will be refunded.
The balance will be paid upon arrival.
It cannot accommodate more people than each cabin allows.
Due of the remote location, the cabins don’t have wifi, if you need help for check in flights or similar, we can help you.

At Parcela El Robledal we try to take care of our environment and for this, we follow very simple and common sense rules.

Remember that we are on the banks of a Nature Sanctuary, a protected and preservation area.
We do not have pets and they are not allowed for any reason, either in the cabins or on the property. In addition to being a regulation of national parks, thanks to this policy it is possible to see animals such as foxes or even Kod Kod within the property.
Smoking is not allowed inside the cabins neither the property. We understand that you may want to smoke and for that there are special ashtrays on the terrace.
Avoid making loud noises or listening to loud music as it scares the birds and other animals that often pass through the property.
Remember that there are more people staying, try to respect the spaces for a better coexistence.
Do not remove unripe fruit (we will let you know when they are ready to eat).
Do not cut flowers or tree branches.
Preferably use the walking trails.
Don’t litter. If you’re in the sanctuary lookout and you’re eating an apple, keep the leftovers and then throw them away in the trash at your cabin.
A fruit peel is also rubbish for the wetland.

Some tips to better enjoy your stay.

You can walk through the property at any time, the sunrises and sunsets are ideal to see from the sanctuary’s lookout.
There are no arrival times when you go for a walk, but it is recommended that you notify us of your estimated arrival time.
It is recommended to sit down to enjoy the wind and the song of the birds.
If you need to store luggage, we can do it.
Remember to bring a flashlight for night walks and binoculars if you like bird watching.
Punucapa is a rural village and as such, restaurant services operate mainly in the months of January and February. The rest of the year some work only at lunchtime. There are also two convenience stores that operate during the day and where it is possible to get basic provisions. We recommend that you stock up on what you need in Valdivia for your stay.
There is no place to load fuel in the area, the last service station is on Isla Teja in Valdivia.
There is no ATM, if you need cash we recommend using the ones on Isla Teja in Valdivia